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                                  Two tiered oak planter containing Liriope muscari on the lower tier and Prunus sargentii underplanted with Helleborus corsicus on upper tier.  Escallonia front hedge and tiled entrance way, contoured Buxus sempervirens hedge border and rear grey powder coated planter containing Iris, surface treatments of yorkstone around bay window and plum chippings retained by slate edging.  Aerial view of completed scheme above.

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Ladbroke Rd, Notting Hill Gate


Modern interpretation of traditional front garden for Victorian London townhouse with Oak planter and playful architectural planting scheme.

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The front garden belonged to a terraced house just off Notting Hill Gate and the clients wished for a space that complemented the properties architectural characteristics and garden layouts of the time, albeit with a contemporary rendering.  The former site  of 5.5 x 7m consisted of low brick front and boundary walls with a simple gravel path, a square central patch of grass and herbaceous borders; a setting adopted by the owners within their recently acquired and refurbished home.  Victorian garden design was synonymous with formal geometric symmetry, expressed with tiled entrance ways, iron railings, lead planters, hedging and featuring of exotic plants as showpieces newly accessed   from around the world.  The railings selected were a low simple design which matched the adjacent properties, retaining visual continuity from within garden and outside streetscape.  The tiled pathway from gate to house entrance defined the front gardens Victorian association with a traditional Barton design and solid tile edging.  The tiled pathway was housed by a tightly wave cut Buxus sempervirens low hedge, generating a formal symmetry relating to the Victorian style with a modern playful take.  Two planters were selected to aid vertical interest within the front garden.  The first set in a simple formal walkway of plum chippings, retained by a black slate edging was a bespoke two tiered oak planter axised on the bay window and the second  located in front of a yorkstone bay surround and slate edging was a grey powder coated planter, emphasising the former use of lead planters.  The planting scheme consisted of traditional native plants used at the time, such as the box hedging, Hellebores and Irises and a choice of foreign plant species newly acquired and featured within Victorian gardens like the Liriope muscari, Escallonia macrantha and Prunus sargentii.  Please click on space bar below to view presentation sheets.

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