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Design development

The rear garden occupied a  space of 6m x 12m which is typical of many of the terraced properties located within the area.  Being an average sized garden, the clients requested a concept that projected a sense of light, space and openess, that extended seamlessly from the connecting family room and reflected they're interest in art by incorporating sculptural elements that worked as focal points that could be enjoyed from  within the garden and house, both day and night.  The family room floor treatment comprised of 1m x 1m limestone tiles which initiated the idea of a similar sized grid system extending into rear garden to provide the perception of continuity.  Due to the unit size and durability issues, it was decided to lay a concrete pad of white concrete that after curing was polished and lines ground into surface to replicate the interior.  With the white polished concrete relfecting light and generating the illusion of space, the existing London stock boundary walls were also painted white to enhance the impression and act as a contrasting foil to the foliage of the softening planting scheme.  The Art Deco form was appreciated by the clients and expressed in many items throughout the house.  It appeared appropriate therefore to express Art Deco's linear symmetry, elongated form and material quality into seven dark grey concrete planters.  They're tone and shape adding contrast and vertical interest within the garden.  The base of the planters are framed by eight square hardwood divisions, housing groups of herbaceous plants and cobbles that diffuse the hard horizontal and vertical surfaces.  A naturalistic  planting scheme was selected for the containers, timber frames and boundary borders to dilute and contradict the solid, almost  industrial hard landscaping elements.  Please click on space bar below to view presentation sheets.

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Hurlingham Road, Fulham

Minimalistic styled rear

garden of terraced house featuring white polished concrete terrace and

scupltural bespoke concrete columnar planters softened

by a naturalistic planting scheme.

                                      One of six containers that act as focal points within minimalistic garden scheme, three planted containers providing contrast and vertical interest, base of containers partitioned into eight squares to house herbaceous plants and cobbles and concrete container forming waterfeature which is subtly illuminated come nightfall.