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        Light grey Indian sandstone pavers and 50mm joints of 6mm black chippings.  

Completed scheme with dark green leaves contrasting with painted white walls.



Below: Eastern basement garden and visualisation of initial concept proposal.

         Completed scheme


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Holland Park Road, Holland Park


Project entailed the recreation of previously constructed contemporary styled garden within eastern portion of basement to adjacent western basement garden space.

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Design development

To retain the visual relationship between the two spaces; the clients brief for a low maintenance space prompted the proposal of lime green pebbles as illustrated in the concept visualisations to simulate the clover and geraniums planted within the crevices of the 1.1m x 560mm Indian sandstone pavers of the eastern garden and a central axis seam of 280 x 560mm Black Indian sandstone pavers to replicate the dark slate water rill.  The clients wish to replace exsiting crevice planting with gravelled joints to reduce overall maintenance led to the use of 6mm black gravel chippings to contrast within the 50mm joints of the light grey paving units.  Galvanised planters were again fabricated to sit either side of the existing bay window to add vertical visual interest and balance with opposite raised planter.  Narrow ground level plant border created between raised rear planter and supporting wall buttress to provide coverage and interest to white wall face.  Planting scheme included the bold dark green leaves of evergreen Trachelspermum used as a foil to the Silver Birch underplanted with shade tolerant Lirope, buxus balls and Hosta's.  Galvanised containers planted with Acer palmatum to provide warm autumnal colours and underplanted with structural ferns and trailing Helichrysum.  Please click on space bar below to view presentation sheets.

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