Completed Balau hardwood decked balcony and construction stage with placement of 50 x 50mm batton framework to support and fix decking off existing asphelt base.    

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Gloucester Square, Bayswater


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The 45m square metre area balcony belonging to the first floor apartment of this Georgian mansion block was originally finished with an asphelt surface treatment; which is lightweight and ensures efficient run off.  The client felt the grey appearance rather dull and wished to install an alternative treatment that  rejuvenated the space and created an inviting space to sit and enjoy the views over the square's opposite communal gardens.  Due to the limited threshold depth, weight issues and need to maintain the integrity of existing asphelt surface, it was decided to use Balau decking boards to cover exterior floor space.  50mm Tanalised batton with 10mm plastic spacers between asphelt surface and batton were used to allow surface water to run-off and maintain the preservation of the timber batton.  This batton framework was constructed at 450mm spacings to enable sufficient support for fixed proposed decking boards.  2400 x 90 x 21mm Balau hardwood decking boards were laid staggered and double fixed to each corresponding batton into countersunk pilot holes with 45mm stainles steel screws.  The final appearance providing a warm inviting tone which is comfortable to experience barefoot.  Please click on space bar below to view presentation sheets.

Design development


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Existing asphelt surface treatment of apartment balcony and placement of batton framework, completed decked balcony within bay seating area of 90 x 21mm Balau hardwood, main picture of balcony length finished with decking boards.

Clockwise from left:

Balau hardwood decking installation for apartment block balcony in central London.