This concerns the draughting of a scaled CAD digital baseplan of existing property and garden using measurements recorded from the site survey and analysis from which to create accurate, precise and relevant concepts.  It is important to work digitally as it provides a standard medium that is communicated between other professionals who may be involved with the project.


This regards the construction of a simple 3D model of house and garden which is geo-located to define its precise global position and orientation to generate an accurate analysis of shadow behaviour within the property throughout the year.  This study allows conscise decisions to be made concerning the successful application of the various elements that are proposed within a concept that are site specific.

4. Shadow analysis


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design and development

Design and development

The design service begins with a site visit and an informal client meeting to determine the vision, requirements, styles and preferences of your outdoor space.  A sketched concept is then developed based on the initial survey and consultation, which provides an opportunity for client feedback and possible revisions to the design proposal.  Any further design developments will follow the production of a final approved scaled landscape plan to enable the next stage of the physical installation of works.  A detailed breakdown of the process is described opposite to enable a clearer understanding of the design development procedure.  The final version of your landscape plan will come in the form of presentation sheets, which will include a scaled annotated 2D plan along with precedent image sheets to further communicate the material, structural and tonal qualities of the hard landscaping features, the types, colours, forms and manner of the planting scheme, along with  expressing the particular style and ambience of the proposed concept.  Using 3D and landscape design software we place a strong emphasis on the design presentations as we believe it crucial to clearly communicate and demonstrate our design ideas.  Please click on the link bar below to view a typical example of presentation sheets for a project.

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The consultation meeting is the time to discuss the exciting ideas and thoughts for your landscape or garden, which will form the basis of the design brief.  After the meeting I will send a breakdown of my services and fees, explaining clearly the stages and costs involved.  Then when you are ready to proceed, all I require is your signed approval.   If you have any images of gardens, textures or planting styles that you wish to be considered as part of the design, now is a perfect time to show me.

1.Initial client meeting


The site survey and analysis is necessary to produce a scaled plan of your garden and record all the relevant information to consider within the overall design concept, style and theme of the proposal.  The survey will be a manual recording of measurements and photograghs to determine the location and spatial relationships of existing boundaries, built structures, plant material, ground levels, orientation and aspect of garden, soil types, drainage, views, access points, local building materials and styles along with other important elements.

2. Site survey and analysis

3. Digital baseplan


Creation of concepts from the design brief developed at client meeting, site survey and shadow analysis.  Initial proposals are presented and communicated to the clients, hopefully expanding the thoughts and imagination through the interventions conceived for their outdoor space.  It is an opportunity for client feedback and possible amendments to be made to the design resolution of a final approved concept.

5. Development of design concepts


The landscape plan is the final rendered 2D scaled digital layout of the design interventions for the project. It will contain all the relevant details and information required to translate the overall design for physical installation purposes.  In addition to the landsacpe plan and precedent images that form the presentation sheets for a project,  3D visualisations can be generated to further communicate individual elements or the complete garden scheme if requested.

Once the design stage is complete, we can either provide a quotation for the construction and installation of the scheme or if the project is going out to tender, be commissioned on your behalf to prepare full tender documentation, administer the landscape contract and project manage the works from inception to completion to deliver the peace of mind that the design concept will be competently translated into its physical form.

6. Landscape plan