Completed front garden scheme of Victorian tiles laid with Dorchester design and twin solid border, completed rear garden concept of decked terrace with timber borders housing artificial grass lawn, site before works commenced and aerial view of finished rear garden proposal.

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Chestnut Grove, Balham


Front and rear garden works for Victorian terraced  property.  Front garden required proposal that revived and enhanced house frontage and garden. Brief for rear garden was to create contemporary low maintenance area that maximised functional space for use and enjoyment of young family.

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Design development

Refurbishment works had  recently been completed on property and clients wished to revamp front and rear gardens which fulfilled practical needs and reflected renovations to house.  The front garden retained the original tiled walkway, with gate and masonry wall being additions that didn't complement the house.  Light grey Indian sandstone pavers laid in a random rectangular pattern were installed in front of bay window to give a traditional finish with concrete border edging painted white to bring continuity to scheme.  Existing Victorian tiles were salvaged and used in the placement of Dorchester design layout with twin solid edging of tiled entrance.  Concrete steps and entrance plinth were reformed, prepared and painted in original colour and new cast iron gate hung on pier of front wall freshly painted white to link with house. The rear garden occupied an area 5.3m x 6.7m which was divided by two different ground levels, reducing the practical usable space of the already small garden.  The garden boundaries were formed of a simple rear trellis line and two adjacent masonry walls.  The clients had two young children and wanted to improve the area by optimising garden space to allow safe play throughout the year.  The first decision was to create a single plane that was level with house interior to provide an easy flow between the two spaces by excavating existing raised ground levels within rear garden and removing  boundary borders to maximise usable functional  space.  Adjacent boundary masonry walls were painted white to reflect light and help generate a greater sense of space and complement house interior colours.  Rear trellis line was replaced with marine ply and painted white to resemble continuation of masonry walls.  1.8 x 1.8m square trellis panels were installed around perimeter of garden to provide additional privacy, structural appeal and framework for evergreen trachelospernum jasminoides to establish and provide vertical interest.  300mm narrow perimeter borders were mono planted with Ophiopogon japonicus through alpine white cobbles.  150mm Smooth faced decked terrace and borders with concealed fixing system provides inviting warm tones and comfortable natural surface,  which enhances overall scheme.  40mm Meadow Forest Green artificial grass used as lawn to provide low maintenance surface on which children can play throughout the year.  Please click on space bar below to view presentation sheets.

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